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Eurokronstadt Oy, Dest JSC
Kirjaajankatu 3 C 11
FI-53300 Lappeenranta
Tel. +358 5 436 3416
Fax +358 5 436 3417
Tapio Tolonen
GSM +358 40 543 2814

Eurokronstadt Oy / OAO Dest company profile

In 1993, Eurokronstadt Oy was established in Finland, while the manufacturing company OAO Dest started operations in Russia in 1995. Operating in Finland, Eurokronstadt specialises in marketing in Europe and processes import and export documents for goods traffic between Russia and the European Union. In addition, Eurokronstadt Oy provides transit storage in Finland for our Russian-manufactured products. All of our products are manufactured by OAO Dest in Kronstadt, Russia. OAO Dest is also in charge of marketing in Russia.

We are an engineering workshop manufacturing small and medium-sized products and limited production runs to order for various mechanical engineering fields. Currently, we manufacture components for Skidoo/Lynx snowmobiles, loader parts for Rocla, and rotary compressor components for Gardner Denver. Transit storage for products destined to both Scandinavian and European markets takes place in Lappeenranta, Finland. We deliver our customers’ products either free in Lappeenranta or free in customer’s warehouse, that is all duty paid and all border formalities taken care of.

For the Russian market, we deliver special fasteners for construction elements and casting moulds, and various types of products for the mechanical engineering industry.

We have about 40 employees on our payroll.

Export award granted by the City Executive Board St Petersburg in 2008


In accordance with the rules, the award was given for results achieved in exports:

  • growth in exports
  • growth trend in exports since 2005
  • versatility of export items
  • growth in the number of foreign buyers
  • portion of exports of total sales

In the grounds for granting the award, the award committee stated that the award will become an incentive through which the economy will be turned on a growth track, industrial enterprises in St Petersburg will be able to better utilise innovations in production, and the manufacture of high-tech and R&D-intensive products can be increased.